Is Also A Scam Website (Rigged Rating Services)

I've check my website ( status on (a portal to check the status of any website either it's a scam site or not) and found out that my website have 81% trusted rating.

Then I just wanted to check how is the trust rating of itself on their own system.

Hah... what I've been suspected is correct. This portal have not been a trustworthy site. It's report is well rigged. Something fishy about this trust rating which provides.

Everyone should check their own website and compare it with own site rating. You shall see what I'm talking right now. This is bullshit. A fake trust report. A rigged trust rating services.

My conclusion is simple.

Please do take this trust reporting service as just a SCAM Website. Never trust 100% of their reporting as it have a tendency to be rigged. Someone have mention last time to me that if you pay a hefty sum of money to, they will gives good rating for your website.

So. Please be careful.

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