Polkadot $37 million marketing stunt spark community criticism and scrutiny.

Polkadot is facing significant backlash after revealing that it spent $37 million on marketing, sparking criticism and scrutiny from its community. According to its H1 2024 treasury report, Polkadot allocated nearly $40 million to outreach efforts aimed at attracting new users, developers, and businesses. This included over $20 million for advertising and $10 million worth of DOT tokens for sponsorships in sports, racing, and e-sports.

The blockchain community reacted with outrage, accusing Polkadot of centralization and wasteful spending. Victor Ji of Manta Network criticized the ecosystem for its lack of value and support for projects. Another developer, @seunlanlege, condemned the excessive marketing expenditures, likening Polkadot’s financial management to the failed FTX exchange.

The report also mentioned that, given the current spending rate, Polkadot's treasury has approximately two years of runway left, though crypto-denominated treasuries are inherently unpredictable. As of now, Gavin Wood has not commented publicly on the controversy.

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